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“What the bleep is THIS doing on a music website?”

When my beautiful sister Paulette Attie passed away, she had completed the final chapter of an amazing journey. She had also just completed the final chapter of an amazing book, “Create Your Future Now – Seven Keys to a Masterful Life”. Inspired by eight miracles, I believe the book is meant to help many people. So I couldn’t just let it disappear into the dust. Here’s why . . .

She learned how to reach higher levels of success,
and deeper levels of peace. So can you!

Paulette has been interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC, WOR, WPIX, Fox, New York 1, Air Italia, MNN TV and countless radio shows.  How does that help you?  It doesn’t.  But her book can.

All the sophisticated learning in the world won’t necessarily teach you how to step firmly on the path of creating a fulfilling future and beautiful present.  This simple book does.  In it you will:

  • Unlock the treasures of all you are meant to become


  • Enjoy real life examples and stories to inspire and guide you through YOUR journey to YOUR personal greatness.


  • Discover practical, doable methods of creating your most fulfilling future and beautiful present

Don’t take my word for it.  Read this . . .

Of course I love my big sis very much, so you’d expect me to say wonderful things about her and her book.  But check out these reviews:

“In this volume Paulette shares some of her own secrets and provides readers with a step by step plan for revitalizing their own lives and realizing their own potential.  Nobody could have written this book but Paulette, but anybody can gain from it.”
~ Charles Osgood, Anchor CBS News, Sunday Morning


“With her life wisdom, profound stories, and revealing exercises, Paulette Attie opens doors that lead us to our God-Given personal power.  These keys belong on your cosmic key chain.”
~ Malka Drucker, Rabbi and award winning author of 21 books


Here’s how the miracle happened.


Paulette had been a student of spiritual and esoteric teachings for over thirty years.  Meditation was a regular part of her daily practice.  Very early one May morning, two a.m. to be precise, what was actually a typical late night meditation before bedtime for her, something unusual happened.   Here’s how she describes it in her own words . . .

Received a series of “downloads” for 8 consecutive nights.


“I received the first in a series of meditations that continued every night for eight nights in a row.  I’ve gotten many profound insights in meditations but I’ve never received a series of installments that evolved into a unified theme.”

Each installment began with a new story.

“After taking in and marveling at the latest episode, I could barely wait to find out what the next installment would bring.  I never doubted another one was coming.  I even saved what I began to call The Keys for my nighttime meditation.  It gave me something to look forward to all day.”

Not just visualizations and affirmations, but down to earth practicality.

Paulette was a wonderful, talented entertainer – singer, actress, writer of articles, plays, songs.  But to tell you the truth, I didn’t expect her to write a book.  And yet she created this amazing “Create Your Future Now” and filled it with fascinating stories and exercises to transform the life of anyone willing to apply what’s offered.

Here’s how you can find out for yourself.

If you would like to read the beginning of the book and a chapter from “Create Your Future Now”, please download the free excerpts by using the box on the upper right column.

My hope is that you’ll be inspired to read the entire book, be entertained and aided in your personal transformation.


In peace,

P.S.  Remember, this entertaining and powerful book can quickly help you transform your life, present and future, into a life of your own design and choosing.

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