I listen to the CD over and over and love the messages. They inspire and strengthen me. What a beautiful gift.

Janice HansonAttleboro, MA

Your music ignites my heart again and again and I cannot thank you enough that you are sharing your gifts with everybody in the world!! You are an inspiration in music, sound, melody and word!! May many more records come from the depth of your soul into the light of the world!!

Ursula VelonisBerkeley, CA

Thank you for sending me “Joy, Joy, Joy”–a truly joyous experience! I already knew I loved “Inspire. I’m thoroughly enjoying them.

Jacqueline ApslerBoston, MA

I want to thank you for sharing your musical gift with us!  The songs were perfect for the lesson and you added a wonderful presence to the overall experience.

Reverend Meghan SmithBrea, CA

Just have to say again how much I love your CD Joy Joy Joy.  I ”sing along” with you on Love is My Compass !!  Also really like the one you wrote about HUB!!  and Lighting up the Corners, and Summertime and and ….!!!

Suzanne PrettonMontreal, Canada

The more I listen to your CD the more my body feels like dancing and enjoying your 
beautiful voice and music.Thanks for such a gift!

Valerie UlloaSan Francisco, CA

I feel so personally understood by The Wind Of Grace. It really speaks to my actual 
life experience. Your lyrics express compassion in a way that I can receive it. I feel 
like my personal struggle is understood.

Maureen SinclairDelmar, N.Y.

Your goal to inspire has been achieved! your music, composition and beautiful voice 
first caught my attention. This combined with listening carefully to the lyrics of your 
songs has uplifted my spirit.

Marshal PackerNew Orleans, LA

Thank you for sharing your incredibly loving talents. You are so blessed with divine 
gifts. May the world hear your voice and may you gift the souls of many people.

Dr. Anna Navida DolopoLaguna Hills, CA

Your CD is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift with me and the rest of
the universe. I know you will inspire many people all over the world.

Mary Lyn B.Temecula, CA

The CD is fabulous. I keep it in my van and play it whenever I drive. I love the name 
INSPIRE. It’s all encompassing and truly inspiring. You’ve done a work of art and 

Judy HayesMonterey, MA