Quick Overview

Ariana AttieHello you. I’m Ariana, songwriter, singer, arranger, producer, chocolate chip cookie queen, lover of country, pop, alt rock, jazz, classical, R&B, and EDM, huge fan of personal transformation. Early on, managed to be offered three record deals, and happily accepted one with indie label Sovi Records.

My recorded music has been heard on national television, radio stations across America, and internet radio and television. Live performances have been seen and heard in venues from the Hollywood Bowl, to the Los Angeles Convention Center, to the Olympics village. I’ve done my share of singing in smoky dive bars too (in the days when you could still smoke in bars). Currently fully focused on songwriting, particularly country and country-pop.

Early Leanings

  • First career while still in school – designer of watches and jewelry.
  • Graduated from UCLA with an art major.
  • First career after school – costume designer for the Los Angeles Ballet Theater.
  • Began successful career as a fashion designer.
  • Opened menswear business with partner, singer Lou Rawls.
  • Won national fashion design award.
  • Designs and interviews in Newsweek Magazine, Calendar and View sections of the L.A. Times, and major fashion trade magazines.
  • Exited first business to enter first marriage.
  • Six months later, bored with baking pies, went back to creating fashions for young women.
  • Had no idea yet that I was going to become a musician.

Musical Highlights

  • Began spending nights and weekends fronting a jazz band called Zephyr.
  • Writing for and performing with country/rock band, High Noon – (“a most captivating and original singer…strong, personable stage presence…” Music Connection).
  • Olympic Committee gave High Noon unforgettable opportunity to play three consecutive nights to thousands at the Olympic Village.
  • Composed the title themes for “Future Consciousness” and “Ancient Wisdom for the Twenty First Century” TV shows.
  • Songs on other TV shows, including “Hard Times On Planet Earth,” my favorite Scott Bakula series.
  • Performed twice at the Hollywood Bowl.
  • Toured nationally as lead singer and dancer with Déjà vu.
  • One of the winners of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.
  • Signed record deal with SOVI Records
  • Performed on main stage at Los Angeles Convention Center for Annual International Rotarians
  • Harmony Sweepstakes national a cappella competition award winner with The Joy of Six
  • Self-produced two CDs, INSPIRE, and JOY JOY JOY.
  • Still giving it my all to compose powerful, positive, heart-opening country, and pop songs.