Dear Music Lover,

Could You Use Some Musical Inspiration?

What if I could show you a really easy way to rejuvenate your day? That would be great wouldn’t it? You’ll find it here – with songs about:

      • discovering the beauty and joy in life
      • loving and being loved
      • staying positive in what’s often a negative world
      • inspiring laughter and supporting healing tears
      • cheering you on
      • getting out there every day and doing your best
      • giving you a lift, like watching the sunrise on a quiet morning
      • like looking up and seeing someone you love walking toward you

How about music to lift your spirit?

I’m committed to entertaining you with energetic, foot stomping, heart-opening, powerful positive pop music. You don’t have to have any particular belief system to appreciate it. There’s a subtle, enlivening, positive message in every song. If you want to feel good, you’re included.


And songs to help you feel good.

You’ll find songs to inspire, uplift, enliven and empower you –Inspiring Music to soothe and calm you – Feel Good Songs to motivate and encourage you. There’s also one other thing that you don’t usually find on a music website. (More about that later…)


How does music move YOU?

I listen to the CD over and over and love the messages. They inspire and strengthen me. What a beautiful gift.
~ Janice Hanson, Attleboro, MA

Your music ignites my heart again and again and I cannot thank you enough that you are sharing your gifts with everybody in the world!! You are an inspiration in music, sound, melody and word!! May many more records come from the depth of your soul into the light of the world!!”
~ Ursula Venonis – Lafayette, CA

Thank you for sending me “Joy, Joy, Joy”–a truly joyous experience! I already knew I loved “Inspire. I’m thoroughly enjoying them.”
~ Jacqueline Apsler, Boston, MA

Just have to say again how much I love your CD Joy Joy Joy.  I ‘sing along’ with you on Love is My Compass !!  Also really like All For All!!  and Lighting up the Corners, and Summertime and and ….!!!”
~ Suzanne Pretton – Montreal, Canada

I feel so personally understood by The Wind Of Grace. It really speaks to my actual life experience. Your lyrics express compassion in a way that I can receive it. I feel like my personal struggle is understood.”
~ Maureen Sinclair – Delmar, N.Y.

Your goal to inspire has been achieved! Your music, composition and beautiful voice caught my attention first. This combined with listening carefully to the lyrics of your songs has uplifted my spirit.”
~ Marshal Packer – New Orleans, LA

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Listen and decide for yourself.

You’re welcome to download my gift to you of a feel good song by entering your name and email in the upper right column of this page. I’ll send you an immediate feel good music download.


Tell me what you think!

Okay, there are probably a billion blogs and counting. But that’s not stopping me! I’ll be adding blog posts, including amusing songs and musings about fun, funny, interesting topics, all designed to continue raising the spirit. I’m looking forward to your comments. I want to know what you’re feeing, what’s on your mind and in your heart.


An unexpected surprise . . .

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So that’s it. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at a show. Check out what’s offered here. To make a purchase that’s a choice about feeling good, click the button below.
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In peace,

P. S. What I said earlier is true. You really can change the way you feel in just a few minutes, by listening to music like this. Feel free to order now: Feel good songs and CDs.